About Galois’ Research and Development

Our Roots Run Deep

Isaac founded Tozny in collaboration with Galois, where he worked for 10 years before starting on this journey to bring security to everyday users and developers. Galois' speciality is research and development in cybersecurity, and Tozny was founded to transition that research into products.

Galois' passion is the trustworthiness of critical systems, and they work to ensure that the systems you depend on work as intended, and only as intended. Galois is a privately held U.S.-owned and -operated company established in 1999 in Portland, Oregon. Their clients include NASA, DARPA, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Galois believes that trustworthy systems are built on a formal mathematical foundation. Core to this is the application of formal analysis techniques that allow systems to be modeled, analyzed, and proven to have important properties. They use functional programming language technologies that facilitate such formal analysis as well as providing flexibility to build specialized languages for solving and analyzing domain-specific problems.

Galois' Tools of the Trade:

  • Formal Methods
  • Functional Programming
  • Domain-specific Languages
  • Embedded Systems
  • Systems Software