The Fastest App Onboarding Available

App abandonment is highest during account creation and passwords are the worst offender.

With Tozny Onboarding your user only needs to enter their phone number. 
No need to create a username or password.


Verify user mobile numbers in seconds from within your app.


Our Android and iOS SDKs and web API already do everything you need.


Log into your web site or app on different devices password-free.

See Tozny in Action

Tozny verifies your user’s mobile number, creates their unique account, and gets the user into your app and interacting in the fewest steps possible. Tozny creates a secure key for the user on their mobile device so all future logins are simple and secure – no need to enter a password.

Acquire new customers faster than ever, prevent signup abandonment, end the frustration of forgotten passwords, and deliver a captivating user-experience while providing the highest levels of security.

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In addition to Tozny Onboarding, beta partners also receive on-going use of Tozny Authenticator for free as thanks for their participation

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SMS isn't always 2FA

Challenges and Solutions

  • SMS is Relayed Through Third Parties: Just like email, a lot of servers see your one-time passwords.
  • iOS and Android forward SMS to chat apps: If the second factor gets sent to the first device, it’ not 2FA.
  • Account Takeover: Simple social engineering attacks against mobile carriers can redirect your SMS.

Tozny’s mobile SDKs support SMS today and transitions you to cryptographic login!

Developer's Delight

Our mobile SDKs implement all the necessary logic for interacting with an SMS provider, generating securely random OTPs using our web API, and verifying those OTPs. Available now for Android and iOS.

Integration with your site is easy; just a few calls to our web API and you can verify users in no time. We have web SDKs available in Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, and Scala. And more are coming soon.

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