Shellshock: Making sense of the question, “Am I vulnerable?”

It seems like such a simple question, “Am I vulnerable to Shellshock,” but it’s surprisingly complicated. Lots of Internet forums suggest pasting some magic code into your command line. If the code outputs “Vulnerable” then you need to upgrade. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

Man in the Browser: Attack and Defense

A successful man in the browser attack is devastating: The attacker gets full control over your account and you have no idea it is happening. In this post, we discuss the attack, its impact, and why typical mitigations fall short. Finally, we toot our own horn a bit and show how Tozny addresses the threat.

Security Risk Analysis

The average malicious data breach exposes 8,000 users and costs $1.3 million. From advanced persistent threats to insider attacks, no organization can afford to remove all potential vulnerabilities. We identify what you need to protect, analyze the impact of failing to protect it, and help you balance security, cost, and usability. Our highly trained cybersecurity and cryptography specialists have advanced …