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GoDaddy’s SSL certs don’t work in Java – The right solution

A visual approximation of the public key infrastructure chains of trust.

Chrome and other browsers are phasing out SSL certificates that are implemented using the weak SHA-1 hash. As a result, SSL certificate authorities, like GoDaddy are also phasing out SHA-1 in favor of SHA-2. GoDaddy is one of the largest providers, at about 13% of all SSL certificates.


This means that GoDaddy had to switch to their SHA-2 root certificate and get it installed in all the major browsers, …

Blaming users for security incidents is counterproductive

The Associated Press has done some important research into the cause of cybersecurity incidents in the federal government. Unfortunately, they come to the wrong conclusion. They document the huge rise in security incidents, and then add:

And [federal] employees are to blame for at least half of the problems.

Specifically, not because the employees are the hackers, but because

They have clicked links in bogus phishing emails, …