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Webinar – Do More with Data by Getting Privacy Right

The Mobile Data To Knowledge team (MD2K) recently hosted our CEO, Isaac Potoczny-Jones for a webinar about security and privacy in mHealth. Watch the video on YouTube!

Abstract: Obtaining user consent, enabling transparency, and securing data at rest are key security and privacy practices that let you do more with user data. Isaac will introduce an emerging type of technology called a Personal Data Service (PDS) that can facilitate mHealth, …

DNC’s Email Leak Reinforces NIST’s “Security Fatigue” Study

Security Fatigue NIST

A newly released report from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) suggests that users are in a state of “security fatigue” that leads them to risky-behavior in their digital lives.

The study defines security fatigue as a weariness or reluctance to deal with computer security.  “Researchers found that the result of weariness leads to feelings of resignation and loss of control. These reactions can lead to avoiding decisions, …

10 Unnerving Privacy Fails Thru Data Aggregation

Woman walking away from a cab + a map of a city route

There’s an old story that a reporter would always know when the US military was planning a big operation because they would order pizzas in the evening to support their secret late-night planning sessions. Similarly, during the cold war, Soviet intelligence agent Yuri Totrov could distinguish diplomats from CIA agents using data like pay scale, recruitment age, education, naturalization, and where they worked when they returned home from foreign postings.

What do these stories have in common? …