End-to-End Crypto: Secrets

End-to-end encryption is for more than just long-lived data. Sometimes the data that needs protecting is a simple, short string. Like secrets and passwords.

End-to-End Crypto: Secure Email

This week we look at two options for secure email: PGP and S/MIME. We also take a deep dive into a service provider that helps make secure messaging both possible and easy for end users.

End-to-End Crypto: File Storage

End-to-end encryption is just as much about securing messages in transit from point A to B as it is securing data at rest in a file system between permitted times of access.

End-to-End Crypto: Messaging and Chat

There are many end-to-end encrypted messaging systems available for secure, mobile communication. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages; understanding the way each works will help you decide which is right for you.

RSA Underscores the Importance of Privacy

Issues of privacy are becoming more prevalent and more significant, and Tozny’s E3DB was built to help developers address privacy needs within the systems they are building.

Tozny ♥ Magic Links

As secure as your platform might be, chances are high that your users are using the same password for your system as they are for another site or service. Why use passwords at all?

Visit Tozny at the RSA Conference

We are now in an age where security can breached with just a simple push of a button. With today’s technological breakthroughs come an increasing demand for a more well-rounded and tightened cybersecurity. The tools required to protect each individual from cyber-attacks and threats has also proven that more technical expertise is now more than just a necessity, but of …

SimpleSAMLphp for Easy Identities

Our most recent series has detailed what’s involved in building and configuring your own centralized authentication service built atop the open source SimpleSAMLphp project.

NIST Global City Teams Challenge Super Action Cluster Summit

Tozny recently participated in the Global City Teams Challenge Super Action Cluster Summit with a focus on the security and privacy of connected vehicles. Feb 01, 2017 to Feb 02, 2017 12:30 pm – C123/124 Lunch Keynote: Data Protection, Privacy and Security, and Smart Cities This panel will discuss transportation cybersecurity issues within a Smart Cities framework with an emphasis on privacy, …

Top Ten Privacy Checklist Before Direct Action

Greg Stromire provided a great list of privacy protections you can take before participating in direct action as a part of his recent Data Privacy for Activists workshop. Because your mobile device is likely to be one of the most obvious ways of breaching your privacy, many of these are about protecting you mobile device.