Data Privacy for Activists

This past weekend, one of our great engineers, Greg Stromire hosted a workshop entitled“Data Privacy for Activists” here in Portland. The twenty-five very curious audience members dug into topics like: password practices; easy VPN use; encrypted email; protecting your mobile device. With how relevant this workshop was in the current environment, we thought we would post the top take-aways that Greg presented so everyone could benefit from his presentation.

SimpleSAMLphp Quick Start

As part of an ongoing series, we’re helping to explain ways to configure SimpleSAMLphp as a centralized identity provider (IDP) for your organization.

Encrypt Everything in 2017

The most expedient way to achieve data privacy is to ensure its security in the first place. As 2017 dawns, take these clear steps to ensure both the security and privacy of your personal data.

Encrypt Everything – Internet Access

A VPN establishes a secure, private, encrypted connection over which all of your traffic can flow. It’s a solid privacy protection method for your internet transmissions.

Encrypt Everything – Email

Unlike disk encryption, the idea of email encryption is to protect data in transit. This means that someone intercepting a message can’t read the secret information it contains or corrupt the data before the recipient reads it.

Atlanta Streetcar has Tozny Built-In

We are excited to announce that the Atlanta Streetcar app was launched this morning with Tozny technology built in!  For the past year, moovel and Tozny worked together as part of a NIST Trusted Identities Group pilot to bring better digital identities technology to transit agencies.  Our technology allows for password-free secure authentication to mobile apps and web applications.  We …