Central Eastside Industrial District
Transportation Data Pilot

Welcome to the Central Eastside Industrial District Transportation Data Pilot!


Thanks for visiting. The Data Pilot has completed. Read on for information or visit Tozny for more information about how support data privacy and security through our easy to use Identity Management and End-to-End Encryption solutions.

Do you travel to Portland’s Central Eastside Industrial District and are interested in participating in the Pilot? If yes, check out our FAQ section below for info.


Tozny has developed a Data Wallet application for the purpose of supporting a Transportation Data Pilot to demonstrate secure collection of user transportation data for visitors to the Central Eastside Industrial District in Portland, Oregon.
The Pilot explores capturing trip and transportation mode data, as well as user feedback on transportation mode choices to inform policy and infrastructure decision making. Strong user privacy and security are applied to the secure collection of user transportation data  – this gives users control over access to their own personal data.
The technology developed for this Pilot can form the basis of an extensible, open platform for data and identity management in Smart City contexts with special attention to addressing security and privacy concerns.

About Tozny

The Tozny team has deep expertise in privacy, security, cryptography, and identity management. Our products and services support the commercial market, as well as federal clients in the DoD, DARPA, DHS, and NIST. We are a spinoff from Galois, Inc., which was founded in 1999 and performs computer security research and development. Tozny was founded to bring strong, easy to use cryptography to the general public.

Tozny is funded by the Department of Homeland Security privacy team to pilot privacy-preserving technology for Smart City use cases. Under this program we are seeking partnerships within city governments who have user-centric or data-centric challenges to provide more effective city services. Tozny’s efforts fall under the DHS Data Privacy Program and was awarded under the DHS Long-Range Broad Agency Announcement.(1)

(1)Tozny’s specific contract is DHSST-LRBAA14-02-CSD.06-0023-I (DHSST-LRBAA14-02), “Repeatable User Privacy of City Data with Strong Cryptography.”

Participating in the Pilot? Read On!

First off, thank you for participating! Pilots of this nature cannot be successful without individuals like yourself who are willing to contribute.
Each time you travel to or from the Central Eastside Industrial District you will be asked 2 or 3 simple questions regarding your transportation choices for that trip. Your answers will help qualify the transportation data collected during the pilot.
Again, thank you for your time and participation in this important pilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pilot's purpose?
The Pilot explores using privacy preserving data collection for transportation mode choices of visitors to the CEID. The Data Wallet addresses user privacy concerns while maintaining high data utility value to inform policy decision making for the benefit of residents, businesses, and visitors.
How is the data used?
The data is used to demonstrate the efficacy of the Data Wallet technology and to evaluate the effectiveness of the data in informing transportation and parking policy. Analysis of the data focuses on aggregate information of all participants (e.g., number of aggregate trips, transportation mode choices, etc.).
Is my data secure?
Yes! All of your personal data, including trip and survey information, is immediately secured with strong encryption and securely stored in the Data Wallet. Your data is only accessible by persons authorized for the pilot and then, only by your consent.
What trip information is saved?
The application saves trip information only for those trips that end in, or start from the Central Eastside Industrial District. Only after a valid trip is detected is the trip information (and associated survey responses) securely stored in the Data Wallet.

What if I have support questions?

Contact Us

If you have support questions related to the operation of the CEID Data Pilot application, please send an email to support@tozny.com or reach out to your Pilot coordination contact.