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Our study shows that most developers make these critical mistakes when using encryption.


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AES on Android is insecure by default

Here are the other most common mistakes developers make:

  • Passwords as keys: Using the raw bytes of a password is a big no-no.
  • Bad key generation: Randomly generating keys securely is harder than it looks, even with a CSPRNG.
  • No Integrity: Believe it or not, bad guys can change your encrypted text without you knowing, and AES alone does not protect you.
  • Wrong Modes: Are you using Electronic Code Book, Galois Counter Mode, Cipher Block Chaining, and why? Using the wrong mode for your purpose can completely undermine your encryption.

AES Is just the beginning of building a secure app


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App abandonment is highest during account creation

Passwords are the worst offender.

Tozny verifies your user’s mobile number, creates their unique account, and gets the user into your app and interacting in the fewest steps possible. Tozny creates a secure key for the user on their mobile device so all future logins are simple and secure – no need to enter a password.

Acquire new customers faster than ever, prevent signup abandonment, end the frustration of forgotten passwords, and deliver a captivating user-experience while providing the highest levels of security.

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