Developer Docs

Security, Privacy, and Trust


It's time. Protect data from your cloud services and mobile apps. Our NoSQL JSON web API stores your data encrypted. Our mobile and web SDKs make it easy to use. Encrypt when data is created and decrypt when it’s needed. Share securely end-to-end. Don't be the next headline.


End-To-End crypto doesn't get easier than this. Collect, store, and process Personally Identifying Information with confidence. Our Quick Start guide will get you going in no time flat with very little coding. SDKs for HTML and JavaScript front-ends plus Ruby, Go, and Java are available today with more coming soon, including mobile!

Authentication Suite

Verification, login, and two-factor auth without the pain. Verify users identity with SMS, then use cryptographically-strong push notifications for login at the push of a button. Our mobile and web SDKs provide flexible support for SMS, email, push login, and QR login.