Protect sensitive data using our simple SDK's for encryption. Get started below using our quick start guides or by browsing our open source libraries.


Getting Started with TozStore

Getting started with TozStore is easy.  We provide SDK’s in many languages to help get you started!  Check out the code snippets to your right or jump right into our API docs. Use TozStore like you would any other database – with the added benefit of end-to-end encryption.  This means data is encrypted client side and never decrypted until an authorized client retrieves the data and decrypts.  Tozny does not store your keys or have any method in which to decrypt your data. Our high performance cryptography means that you can quickly encrypt any type of data (text and files) and securely store them with Tozny.  Please contact support if you have any questions during your development process.
  • JAVA
  • JS
  • RUBY
  • GO
    // For use with Maven, declare the following repository and dependencies:
    <name>Tozny Repository</name>
  • // Run the following command in your terminal.
    $ npm install --save e3db
    // `npm` will update your `package.json`.
    // Alternatively:
    // Add `e3db` as a dependency in your package.json.
    "dependencies": {
    "e3db": "^1.2"
    // Then run the install command in your terminal.
    $ npm install
  • ruby
  • pip install e3db
    import e3db
    token = &apos;...&apos;
    client_name = &apos;...&apos;
    pub_key, priv_key = e3db.Client.generate_keypair()
    client_info = e3db.Client.register(token, client_name, pub_key, priv_key=private_key, backup=True)
    # Now run operations with the clients details in client_info
    // Add the E3DB client library to your glide.yaml by running:
    glide get
    // If you do not use Glide and want to depend on the latest version of E3DB:
    // check out the repository to the correct location within $GOPATH
    // Then install dependencies using Glide.
    git clone $GOPATH/src/
    cd $GOPATH/src/
    glide install
    token := ""
    client_name := ""
    public_key, private_key, _ := e3db.GenerateKeyPair()
    client_info, _:=e3db.RegisterClient(token, client_name, public_key, private_key, true,"")
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