E3DB Documentation

The Tozny End-to-End Encrypted Database (E3DB) is a storage platform with powerful sharing and consent management features. E3DB provides a familiar JSON-based NoSQL-style API for reading, writing, and querying data stored securely in the cloud.

Get the Libraries and SDKs

We provide open source libraries for our cryptographic toolkit. Grab them from Github or your language-based package manager. Be sure to check out Library Core Concepts to aid in understanding of the API.

Command-Line Client:

brew install tozny/e3db/cli (MacOS X)

HTML / JS - Front End SDK

Include one of the scripts from here:



npm install innovault-web-sdk

Android Java Library:

repositories {
maven { url "https://maven.tozny.com/repo" }

compile('com.tozny.e3db:e3db-client-android:2.0.1-SNAPSHOT@aar') {
transitive = true

iOS Swift Library:

The iOS library is in Swift on Github.

pod "E3db", :git => 'https://github.com/tozny/e3db-swift'

Ruby Library:

Get the Ruby client on Github or as a Gem:

gem install e3db

PHP Library:

Get the PHP client on Github or with Composer:

composer require tozny/e3db

Python Library:

git clone https://github.com/tozny/e3db-python.git
python setup.py bdist_wheel
pip install --use-wheel --find-links=dist e3db

Go Library:

go get github.com/tozny/e3db-go/v2

Java Library:

<name>Tozny Repository</name>


libSodium Dependency:

Install libSodium as appropriate for your platform, e.g.:

$ brew install libsodium (Mac OS X)
$ apt-get install libsodium-dev (Ubuntu)