WordPress Integration

WordPress Integration


Before starting, this tutorial assumes you have the following task completed already:

  • Have a working WordPress with administrative privileges for installing and configuring plugins.
  • Have a working Tozny API Key. You can learn how to retrieve your Tozny API key here


Install the plugin

1. Login to your WordPress install and go to Plugins > Add new

2. Enter ‘Tozny’ into the Search box (on the right-hand side of the page).

3. Under the Search Results will be the toznyauth plugin. Click ‘Install Now’ button. You will be prompted to confirm your choice to install the plugin.

4. After WordPress downloads the plugin your should see confirmation of a successful install, with the option to ‘Activate Plugin’.

5. Click ‘Activate Plugin’. You should return to the Installed Plugins page with confirmation of the plugin being activated, the Tozny plugin listed in the installed plugins list, and the Tozny option in the Admin Menu.

Configure the plugin

6. Click the Tozny menu option in the Admin Menu. You should see a set of form fields asking for your key information (see: Prerequisites).

7. Copy and paste your key information into the appropriate fields and click Save Changes. For most installations, we recommend leaving the API URL value set to https://api.tozny.wpengine.com and the “Allow users to add devices” checked.

8. The plugin will test the key information entered. You should return to the set of form fields, with a confirmation message.

9. The plugin is installed, and ready to use.


Add Tozny authentication to your WordPress user

Each of your WordPress users will need to take these steps to get Tozny configured for themselves.

1. Go to “Edit your profile” in the top right of your WordPress account

2. Check the “Use Tozny to login” checkbox and click “Update Profile” at the bottom of the page

3. Scan the QR code that appears using the Tozny app on your phone.

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