Project E3DB - Secure Storage for Your Users

Trust, Consent, and Security

An encrypted NoSQL database designed from the ground-up for user privacy and security.


A data breach can destroy your business. The most effective security tool available today is encryption, but most developers get encryption wrong. Don't roll your own data-at-rest solution.


Your developers want a NoSQL database with an effective REST API. Your users want it to be encrypted and secure. Tozny's Personal Data Service leverages AWS to deliver secure key storage, flexibility, and scalability.


Trust is precious. Respecting your users' privacy is not only the right thing to do, but it also builds loyalty. With user consent and visibility, you can do more with data.

How to Set a High Bar

Make security a systematic part of your infrastructure:

  • Encrypt Data at Rest: The Personal Data Service is an encrypted data store and key management system.
  • Secure the Endpoints: Don’t just encrypt data centrally, start at the edges: We enable encryption directly from your apps, partners, and IoT sensors.
  • Control Third Party Sharing: Sending private data to third parties is one of the riskiest things your business can do. Make them come to you so you can enforce access, revoke access, and ensure proper key management.
  • Do Right by Users: When users grant permission, their trust in you increases. The Personal Data Service provides consent management, visibility, and data quality features.

Uses for E3DB

  • Do you collect data about your users? You should be storing it encrypted at rest so the bad guys can’t get it.
  • Do you share data with third parties? Instead of sending them your data in the clear, make them read it encrypted at the source. It lets you stay in control and doesn’t encourage them to store their own plain text copy.
  • Do you want your users to communicate end-to-end encrypted? Each party can have their own key and send JSON data of any kind to each-other without you or us being able to decrypt it.
  • Do you want to segregate data among your servers using the Principle of Least Privilege? E3DB lets you create a JSON object store where only the services that need access to the data will get the keys to the data. That means that if a bad guy breaks into one part of your system, they don’t get everything!

Apply for the Pilot

We're funded by NIST to bring security and privacy to select organizations. Apply today to see if your project qualifies for early access.