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Do you have a security concern about one of Tozny’s products?

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  • Please help us make the world more safe: Our products are designed to improve security and privacy for all users. By identifying security concerns in our product, and constructively helping us track them down and fix them, you are doing an enormous service not only to us, but to all our users, today and in the future.
  • Include lots of info: We want as much information about the problem as you can provide. What product, what’s the nature of the problem, how confident are you that it’s a issue, how impactful is it, do you have a POC, how should we fix it. Your input will greatly speed up our ability to respond.
  • Encrypt to our CEO (optional): Isaac Potoczny-Jones’s public key is on typical key servers. PGP: 0xDADBD017 -- Longer: -- 23F6EC8FE989BD9DE618CB54C5DEDA08DADBD017 -- Or at
  • Thank You! You’re a true hero.

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