Security Risk Analysis

The Cost of Insecurity

The average malicious data breach exposes 8,000 users and costs $1.3 million. From advanced persistent threats to insider attacks, no organization can afford to remove all potential vulnerabilities. We identify what you need to protect, analyze the impact of failing to protect it, and help you balance security, cost, and usability.

  • Address vulnerabilities before they become costly system breaches.
  • Identify mitigations based on level of risk and cost to implement them.
  • Get started right away with our hands-on and collaborative services.

Professionals You Can Trust

Our highly trained cybersecurity and cryptography specialists have advanced degrees, certifications, and decades of experience in penetration testing and building secure systems. Our professionals are trusted by banks, hospitals, and the US department of defense.



Starting with your highest-value assets, we analyze the business impact of cyber attacks and recommend fixes that meet your security goals.


Find the vulnerabilities before someone else does. Our software engineers and security specialists will find bugs and recommend best practices.


You’re using cryptography, but are you using it correctly? Most crypto libraries use insecure defaults, and developers don’t have the training to know the difference. We do.


Security flaws start at the architectural level, and that’s also where it’s easiest to address them. Save money by fixing your bugs before coding starts, and prevent whole classes of vulnerabilities.


We identify organizational weaknesses by exploiting them in practice. We offer internal or external testing, as well as black box and white box testing.


You already know you have security problems and need to stop the bleeding. These are small engagements where we identify the highest-value fixes and apply them for you.

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