TOZID - Encrypted Secrets Management and PAM

Assert Control Over Sensitive Credentials, Keys, and Secrets

Centralized secrets management makes it easy to update and roll out new keys across distributed infrastructure. Instead of hunting down the location of each secret, a vault keeps them all in the same place. Tozny’s solution allows you to take control of sensitive credentials with the ability to rotate and revoke access at any time.

Easily Monitor Privileged Access Accounts across the Company
Secrets Management Improves Security without Hindering Workflows
Integrated with IAM for a Complete Solution
End-to-End Encrypted Secrets Vault

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    TozID Self-Hosted

    Self-Hosted On-Premises / Cloud / Hybrid Cloud Deployment Options

    Advanced Administration for Logging and Policy Configuration

    Identity Federation With SAML, OIDC, LDAP / AD, and Other Identity Standards

    Defense-in-Depth Identity Management – TozID Pushes Cryptography to the Edges for Enhanced Security

    Integrated with Tozny’s End-to-End Encryption Platform for Easy, Secure Data Management

    Modern On-Prem IAM

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