TOZID - Multi-Party Control

Require Two Administrators to Approve Dangerous Actions

Administrators have the keys to the kingdom. Moving to zero-trust means protecting admin accounts from hacks and malicious insiders. Tozny's Privileged Access Manager (PAM) is built directly into our single sign-on solution. Get advanced protection for any endpoint and any 3rd party with Tozny PAM.

Two-Party and Multi-Party Control (MPC)
Zero-Code Integration with Any OIDC, SAML, SSH Service, or Web API
PAM with Two-Factor Authentication and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
Use our SaaS or Self-hosted Platform with Easy Kubernetes Deployment

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    Privileged Access Management – PAM

    Multi-Party Control (MPC) Built into SSO

    Secrets Management for APIs, Passwords, Keys, and Credentials

    End-to-end Encryption Directly Integrated into Secrets and Identities

    Protect Against Ransomware and Insider Threats

    A Single Sign-On Solution with PAM built-in

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