TozID Self-Hosted identity management combines secure IAM and ease of integration, with flexible deployment and customizations to fit your requirements.

  • Standards Based Access Management
  • Quick and Easy Deployment
  • End-to-End Encryption & Storage

Customer Identity Management and Workforce Enterprise Identity Management (SSO)

Tozny’s identity management solution is built on a proven end-to-end encryption platform providing best-in-class zero-trust enabling identity management for SSO and customer identity. Our cryptography-at-the-edge approach delivers identity protection where you need it: at the source.

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TozID Self-Hosted – Secure, Flexible, and Compliance Ready

Our Self-Hosted identity management service option provides best-in-class secure identity management and ease of integration, while allowing flexible deployment options and customizations to fit your business and infrastructure requirements. Our standards based approach and proven deployment and orchestration support eases your integration and management burden!

Customer Identity Management

100% Customizable UI

Easily Integrated into Your API

Native iOS and Android Components Available

Enables End-to-End Encrypted Storage

Workforce Identity Management

Universal Single Sign-On (SSO)

Push Based MFA

Advanced Audit and Analytics

Enables End-to-End Encrypted Storage

    Key Features

    All the features you expect – including SAML & OIDC support along with push-based MFA and more. Here are a few key features we think you’ll love!


    Zero Knowledge Authentication

    Trustless & decentralized identity authentication. Passwords are never transmitted. Edge cryptography secures every user.


    Standards Based Access Management

    User management, access control, and management of access for all aspects of your system. Single Sign-On (SSO) for improved security and improved usability.


    End-to-End Encryption & Storage

    Encrypt data at its source – decrypt it when needed; key distribution and management built in! Secure storage of structured and unstructured data encrypted until consumed.


    Quick and Easy Deployment

    Fully compatible with any standard SAML or OIDC based application. Kubernetes and Terraform support to allow for easy customization and management.

    What is TozID

    TozID takes strong cryptography and pushes it to the edges of your organization.  Passwords are never transmitted and all authentication requests are built on signature based verification from the ground up.  Your passwords never reach our platform and risk is decentralized compared to traditional identity platforms.


    Cryptography at the Edges

    Decentralizes Risk

    End-to-End Encrypted Authentication

    Open Source Verifiable Cryptography


    Passwords Sent Over Network

    Centralized Password Storage

    Black Box Authentication

    Centralized Cryptography and Centralized Risk

    Why TozID

    Trusted by organizations to protect customers, employees, and their data in mission critical systems.  TozID makes it easy to leverage cryptography to protect your assets by removing the common single point of failure in most identity platforms.





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