Seamless authentication delivering unparalleled convenience and end-to-end security, in any shape that matches your needs.

  • Stop account takeovers
  • Easily deploy and manage FIDO2 tokens
  • Enable end-to-end secure authentication across physical and IT machines

Access security that is simple to use and easy to deploy


TOZKeys are a breakthrough in key token technology that can be delivered in many forms, such as our next generation card device, or embedded in a smart watch, or any IoT, OTT, or other form that suits your application.

Key Features

TozCard is an unclonable decentralized hardware security element that is tied to the physical identity of a person.


Zero Trust Authentication


Physical access to buildings, machines and equipment


Multi-factor or passwordless sign-on following FIDO standards


Blue Tooth Enabled Vehicle Access.

What are TOZKeys?

The multifactor and passwordless FIDO standard, together with patented Tozny technologies like biometrics and Bluetooth, have revolutionized the login process by simplifying the user experience while simultaneously ensuring strong security. Our TOZKeys enable your employees to securely log-in to your company’s computing devices, networks and applications, and can power new personalized experiences for customers.


Secure Provisioning and Seamless Rollout

Decentralizes Risk

Zero Trust Architecture

Secure Access


Passwords Sent Over Network

Centralized Password Storage

Black Box Authentication

Centralized Cryptography and Centralized Risk

Why Tozny

Trusted by organizations to protect customers, employees, and their data in mission critical systems.  TozCard makes it easy to leverage cryptography to protect your assets by removing the common single point of failure in most identity platforms.





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