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Our encryption services are designed from the ground up with a focus on security and simplicity. Our real-time end-to-end encryption platform lets you integrate best in class protection in minutes.
tozstore encryption storage

How it works

Data is encrypted locally using your private keys which are never transmitted. Advanced features like querying, large files, and auditing built in.

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    const e3db = require('e3db')
    let client = new e3db.Client(/* config */)
    async function main() {
      let data = {
        'first_name': 'Jon',
        'last_name': 'Snow',
        'phone': '555-555-1212',
      let metadata = {
        'house' : 'Stark'
      let record = await client.write('contact', data, metadata)
      console.log('Wrote record ' + record.meta.recordId)
    record = client.write('contact', {
      :first_name => 'Jon',
      :last_name => 'Snow',
      :phone => '555-555-1212'
    printf("Wrote record %s\n", record.meta.record_id)
    import e3db
    client = e3db.Client(
    # config
    record_type = 'contact'
    data = {
      'first_name': 'Jon',
      'last_name': 'Snow',
      'phone': '555-555-1212'
    metadata = {
      'house' : 'Stark'
    record = client.write(record_type, data, metadata)
    print 'Wrote record {0}'.format(record.meta.record_id)
    // Create data for a record
    var recordData map[string]string
    recordType := "contact"
    recordData["first_name"] = "Jon"
    recordData["last_name"]  = "Snow"
    recordData["phone"]      = "555-555-1212"
    // Create optional metadata for the record
    //(metadata can be used for searching)
    var metadata map[string]string
    matadata["realm"] = "The North"
    metadata["pet"]   = "Ghost"
    // Encrypt and save the record
    recordID, err := client.Write(
    if err != nil {
        //Error handling omitted
    fmt.Println("Wrote record: " + recordID)
    // Wrap message in RecordData type to designate
    // it as sensitive information for encryption
    let recordData = RecordData(cleartext: ["SSN": "123-45-6789"])
    // Can optionally include arbitrary metadata as 'plain'
    // where neither keys nor values are encrypted
    e3db.write(type: "UserInfo", data: recordData, plain: ["Sent from": "my iPhone"]) { result in
        switch result {
            // The operation was successful, here's the record
            case .success(let record):
                // 'record.meta' holds metadata associated
                // with the record, such as type.
                print("Wrote record! \(record.meta.recordId)")
            case .failure(let error):
            print("An error occurred attempting to write the data: \(error)")
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Fast and reliable 2FA that provides step up authentication and strong cryptography.

tozstore encryption storage


TozStore protects you and your customers with encryption services

Built to exceed the encryption requirements of GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and HIPAA TozStore helps your team reach its compliance goals in record time.


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