Making Crypto Easy for Developers and Users

Security, Privacy, and Trust

Encrypt and share data

It's time. Protect data from your cloud services and mobile apps. Our NoSQL JSON web API stores your data encrypted. Our mobile and web SDKs make it easy to use. Encrypt when data is created and decrypt when it’s needed. Share securely end-to-end. Don't be the next headline.

Research with Better Privacy

Your users, test subjects, and patients deserve the best privacy you can give them. IRBs are requiring stronger guarantees of data security and consent, but your research needs dynamic, real-time access to data. Our security and privacy experts can help.

Protect your user accounts 

Verification, login, and two-factor auth without the pain. Verify users identity with SMS, then use cryptographically-strong push notifications for login at the push of a button. Our mobile and web SDKs provide flexible support for SMS, email, push login, and QR login.

Clients and Partners

NIST logo

Tozny is part of NIST's National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace. We work with NIST to implement best-in-class privacy and security solutions for IoT, transit, and mHealth.

Galois logo

Since 1999, Tozny’s parent company has served the cybersecurity community by performing cutting edge research and development in defensive technologies. Read More...

SRI International logo

SRI International, a research center, creates world-changing solutions making people safer, healthier, and more productive. Tozny and SRI work with DARPA on supply chain security.

Iotas logo

IOTAS is a smart home platform for the rental market. The company enables property developers to install smart home technology by streamlining the set-up and deployment process. IOTAS uses Tozny Authenticator to make users’ phones act as authentication to their smart home systems.

Moovel logo

Moovel creates solutions for the ever-changing state of urban transportation by enabling seamless multimodal experiences and connected transit commerce. Tozny has partnered with moovel in providing more secure and convenient identity solutions to their mobile applications.

Hiring Thing logo

HiringThing is easy-to-use online software that helps companies hire by giving them online job posting, resumes collection and sorting, and candidate management. HiringThing’s clients that require the highest security utilized a Tozny integration to provide second factor authentication.

Our Values in Action

Core Values

  • Your Privacy is Worth Protecting
  • Prioritize Relationships
  • Open by Default. Open by Choice


  • Honesty and Integrity Define Us
  • Our Solutions Meet Real Needs
  • Knowledge is Meant to be Shared

How we Work

  • We Explore and Experiment
  • We Listen, Analyze, Iterate
  • We Celebrate Successes

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