TOZ creates trusted networks of people, apps, and devices.
TOZ Flow, Auth, and Tokens work together as a turnkey framework for managing how people handle, store, and share sensitive data, and for securing how they access resources and locations, all in one package.
TOZ Platform provides APIs and SDKs for building trust into your products, services, or devices, with identity management, end-to-end encryption, secure storage, and privileged access management.
TOZ offers managed service providers a new upsell opportunity for their customers that secures business while creating new value, along with easy administration features, revenue sharing, and support.

Tozny has officially changed its brand name to TOZ, read all about it!

Vulnerabilities exist across all layers that computers, devices, and apps use to communicate over networks, leaving data at risk. TOZ encrypts all data at inception from end-to-end and derives keys spontaneously from a unique identity, enabling organizations to build and deliver more trusted experiences without compromising security. Data is never exposed, keys are never stored — TOZ is security made simple.
Data Protected at Every Layer
Current cybersecurity approaches primarily focus on pipes and containers to secure paths through which data travels, like SSL certificates for example, where data rests, such as encrypted storage.

TOZ focuses on the data instead, encrypting at inception so even if a breach occurs, the payload is encrypted data with no key.

Controlling all the layers is an impossibility, controlling the data is entirely possible.
Layer Chart
Layer 7
Deals with the user interface and high-level protocols used in applications.
Threat: Web Application Attacks
Layer 6
Provides data representation and encryption for the application layer.
Threat: Phishing
Layer 5
Manages the session establishment, maintenance, and termination.
Threat: Session Hijacking
Layer 4
Ensures reliable and error-free delivery of data between hosts.
Threat: Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
Layer 3
Provides logical addressing and routing of data packets.
Threat: IP Spoofing
Layer 2
Data Link
Handles data framing and transmission over the physical network.
Threat: VLAN hopping
Layer 1
Deals with the physical transmission of raw bit streams.
Threat: Sniffing
Icon 1
Icon 2
Icon 3
Icon 4
Spontaneously Derived Keys
Icon 6
Privileged Access Flows
Icon 7
Secure Data Storage
Identity is the Key
TOZ turns an identity into the root of key management by tying it together with encryption, meaning that every identity has a key that never has to be stored and is created at the time of authentication.

TOZ combines this with end-to-end encryption. All data is encrypted with a key tied to an identity at the moment of origin in perpetuity.

The keys to decrypt the data are stored nowhere, and only materialize during the authentication process once the identity has been verified.
Build Trusted Digital Experiences
By building apps, services, and devices on a foundation of trust, new products can be developed that improve customer user experiences without compromising data security or private information.

TOZ Platform secures many products for well-known brands, and we provide developers everything needed to integrate trust into their products with ease.

What's more, our turnkey products, TOZ Flow, TOZ Auth, and TOZ Token, all operate on TOZ Platform, bringing the benefits of integrated cybersecurity to businesses of all sizes.
TOZ Platform

"Digital trust leaders are 1.6x more likely than the global average to see revenue and EBIT growth rates of at least 10%, and draws direct correlation from levels of digital trust codification a business adopts, to higher reported revenue and EBIT growth rates." — Why digital trust truly matters, McKinsey

White Paper
Read our latest white paper that details how to build trust through digital products and connected devices with an identity and encryption-first architecture.

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