Tozny provides an easily integrated, robust zero knowledge Identity Management solution and a full data encryption platform to protect your business' and your customer's data.

Secure Identity Management and Data Privacy Solutions

Save time, money, and minimize your risk exposure when you build with TozID and TozStore. No key material access to Tozny means you retain full control of your data throughout its entire life cycle.

Easy to integrate. Incredibly secure. Improved Time-to-Value.
Privacy First
TozID & TozStore are built from the ground up with encryption for privacy
Strong yet Simple
Built on open source verifiable cryptography, Tozny delivers a suite of easy to use and trusted solutions
Compliance Support
Users and data managed through Tozny exceed GDPR, HIPPA, and CCPA compliance requirements

The Tozny Ecosystem

TozStore and TozID work together to provide a fully encrypted identity management and data privacy solution.  Advanced cryptography is seamlessly integrated throughout the platform to allow you to protect users and data easily.

Why Tozny

Making data and identity security easy to use and private is our mission.  We sweat every detail to ensure the best experience possible while maintaining the highest level of security.   Tozny’s solution allows us to take that security to the next level, and ensures that our client’s most sensitive data is as protected as possible.

Protect Sensitive
Information (PII)




Trusted By These Organizations

From advanced government research, to protecting millions of users in commercial deployments, Tozny has you covered.


Whether you need a quick-to-integrate, strong encryption platform or a secure authentication solution with strong cryptography, Tozny has a security solution for you. Our products are trusted by companies and government organizations to enhance execution their compliance strategies.

Built to exceed the encryption requirements of GDPR, CCPA, PIPEDA, and HIPAA, Tozny Platform helps you reach your compliance strategy goals.

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Tozny Developer Center
Learn how to easily integrate Tozny into your application. Whether you're securing your web, mobile, IoT, or embedded solution - we've got an SDK that works.
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Tozny helps you exceed nearly every common compliance requirement out there including CCPA and GDPR. See how we can help you accelerate your time to market and reduce your liability.
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