TOZ provides MSPs an easier way to manage customer cybersecurity—with benefits Cybersecurity is a complex field, with diverse and inconsistent business behaviors. Many managed service providers, along with average business professionals, lack the expertise to recommend appropriate strategies and technologies.

TOZ is dedicated to changing this reality. Our integrated suite of products, including TOZ Flow, TOZ Auth, and TOZ Token, powered by our platform, work seamlessly together to allow your business customers to effortlessly "get in and drive," with cybersecurity risks effectively addressed.

With TOZ, MSPs can easily manage multiple customers, each within their own dedicated TOZ Realm. This allows for personalized policies, flows, and security measures. By leveraging TOZ, MSPs can enhance their value-added services and unlock upselling opportunities. Additionally, we offer revenue sharing, upcoming partner portal support, and strategic marketing initiatives to drive new business customer leads directly to you.
MSP Benefits

Deliver More Value

Turnkey Cybersecurity Cybersecurity made simple TOZ Flow is a revolutionary cybersecurity solution designed specifically for small-to-medium sized businesses and for managed service providers like you. It addresses potential vulnerabilities in how your customers handle sensitive information, allowing you to offer them enhanced data protection.

Built upon our robust technology platform and designed to map to how people work, TOZ Flow focuses on identifying and mitigating points of failure within your customers' data management practices and providing them a turnkey framework to make cybersecurity more automatic.
Value Added Services Realm and flow administration Empower your customers by helping them set up TOZ Realm and design efficient flows for rights management, ensuring control over access to physical locations and logical systems. Seamlessly integrate biometric TOZ Tokens into flow designs, enabling effortless establishment of approval chains for business processes and access.

Benefit from TOZ's comprehensive support, including procurement, customization, and administration through TOZ Flow. Simplify the entire process and provide your customers with enhanced cybersecurity measures.
Easy Integration Flexible and agnostic We understand the diverse nature of customer environments and the need for customized solutions. TOZ Flow offers developer APIs for seamless integration, ensuring compatibility with popular IDPs like Azure or OKTA, without compromising functionality. While TOZ provides its own proprietary TOZ Tokens, TOZ Flow embraces openness by adding support for various hardware tokens used in business settings

Configurable secure elements within TOZ Tokens enable control over logical and physical security systems, making TOZ Flow an advanced and user-friendly solution for token deployment and management. Customers can easily provision and manage tokens by tapping them in TOZ AUTH.
Want to learn more? TOZ is actively collaborating with pioneering managed service providers in a private beta phase to fine-tune our approach and ensure it effectively caters to the specific needs of MSPs and their customers.

If you are interested in learning more about the details and want to be included on our availability list, please complete the MSP contact form. We will promptly get back to you with further information.

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