TOZ is solving the big cybersecurity problems so you don't have to The TOZ team comprises cybersecurity, cryptography, and technology experts united by a shared mission: to revolutionize cybersecurity. Our goal is to create comprehensive, impenetrable solutions that allow companies to focus on their core business without worrying about security.

TOZ provides an integrated platform that enables organizations to build foundational end-to-end security into their products and services from the ground up in a zero-trust environment. Built with technology developed in collaboration with DARPA, NIST, Galois, and others over the past decade, the TOZ Platform manages identity and privileged access for people and things, the complete encryption of all data, and secure storage.

Powerful developer APIs are available for easy integration into applications and services, as well as SDKs for a variety of languages, and for hardware applications. TOZ also delivers TOZ Flow, TOZ Auth, and TOZ Token, an integrated cybersecurity suite that works together to provide small businesses a turnkey solution for securing their office operations without having to understand cybersecurity.

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