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Build digital trust into your products and services

Experience the power of the TOZ Platform, crafted through collaboration with industry leaders like DARPA, NIST, EPRI, and the NIH. Our cutting-edge SaaS offering, delivered via APIs and SDKs, empowers you to build unwavering trust in digital products and connected devices with ease.

Platform Services

Easy Integration

TOZ ID Identity is everything so everything has an identity Experience seamless identity management with TOZ ID. Our robust solution handles identity management for individuals, apps, services, and devices with ease.

Benefit from its comprehensive features, including IdP and Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, while enjoying the flexibility of federating with leading services like Azure Active Directory (AAD) or Okta. With TOZ ID, you can establish a secure foundation for integrating identity into every facet of data and access management.

Safeguarding identity is our top priority. That's why TOZ ID offers extensive support for a wide range of MFA schemes, ensuring enhanced security at every step.
TOZ PAM Cryptographic role-based access control At the heart of the TOZ Platform is Privileged Access Management (PAM) functionality to manage access and privileges completely cryptographically.

This cryptographic approach to access management is the backbone to building new trust relationships between individuals and organizations.

TOZ PAM enables fine grain control of data access while also supporting sophisticated policies for limiting access. For example, access can be limited to time periods or defined number of uses as well as requiring additional approval at time of access.
TOZ Store Flexibly store heterogeneously encrypted data Data is never transmitted unencrypted because TOZ Store handles all encryption and decryption at the edges — the browser, the mobile device, or on IoT or embedded devices.

Query and search metadata safely to build new personalized services.

TOZ Store provides a convenient method for managing the datastores where encrypted data rests.
Advanced Platform Features

Trust made simple, with TOZ

Secure Every Identity Manages access for workers, partners, and customers with zero-trust Identity Access Management (IAM) enabled for Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication.
Simplify Key Management Asymmetric key administration and wrapped symmetric key distribution for the handling and storage of software encryption keys for data.
Enable Extended Privileges Manages more specialized levels of access and advanced capabilities like multi-party controls for approvals and actions with Privileged Access Management (PAM).
Encrypt All Data End-to-End Encrypts identity, application, device, and other structured or unstructured data as it’s created, ensuring that private information is never available or at risk.
Search Terabytes of Data Non-personally identifiable metadata can be de ned for applications and searched instantly for analysis by only those with privileged access rights.
Share Data with Authorized Groups Easy creation of groups to organize users and share data based on their privileged permissions, requested and accessed by each individual’s identity dashboard.
Connect External Identity Providers Use our Identity features, or connect to popular external identity providers such as Okta, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, and others, seamlessly with our platform.
Integrate into the Foundation Use our SDKs to integrate with any client: Android, iOS, Browser (JavaScript), and any server: Python, Ruby, PhP, Java, JavaScript / Node, Go, and others.
Protect People, Apps, & Devices Flexible password, key, and service-to-service use cases can be managed for people, for applications, and for devices.
Manage Platform Services & Users Complete dashboards for administrator platform management and for individual users to access services and data they are allowed.
Enforce a Zero-Trust Environment Ensures protection of resources, assets, services, applications, and more, at the discreet individual user level, from end-to-end, based on their rights.
Deploy with Flexibility Data storage, search, high availability, backups, load balancing, and redundancy. Available as SaaS or on-prem. Supports a JSON/REST style API.
Customizable Look & Feel White label options available for customizing the basic user interface to be more consistent with any brand or organization’s design language.
Save & Share Secrets Individual users can manage secrets for credentials, files, and clients, and share them with others authorized in the same group through a dashboard.
Ease Legal Compliance Exceeds compliance requirements for GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and PIPEDA, easily customized to meet specific policies and Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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