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Security doesn't have to be hard, just go with the Flow

Built on our advanced cybersecurity platform is the flagship of our product suite, TOZ Flow. Flow combines our technology into an integrated set, designed to work together to take the pain out of jumpstarting cybersecurity with teams of people, wherever they may be.

TOZ Product Family

How Suite It Is

TOZ Flow Make cybersecurity more automatic Flow is a turnkey product that provides a framework for small-to-medium sized businesses to manage how their people handle, store, and share sensitive data, and for securing how they access resources and physical locations—all in one package.

It is designed around how people work in the real world, to ensure that the points of failure in their workflows are protected and to unlock new capabilities that enhance workflow.
TOZ Auth Safe access, permissions, and sharing on tap TOZ Auth is a multi-function authenticator mobile app. While supporting standard one-time password (OTP) and time-based OTP (TOTP) authentication, the value of TOZ Auth is its integration with decentralized hardware security tokens.

With TOZ Auth, the security of a hardware token can be added to any authentication Flow, making it easy to streamline access control while improving operations.
TOZ Tokens Take security and convenience to factor 11 The TOZ Token is a FIDO 2 compliant decentralized credit card shaped token that simultaneously can support additional protocols like MIFARE, DESFire and CAC/PIV.

With support for NFC and USB, this multifunction smart card in combination with TOZ Auth provides 3-factor authentication with a simple tap. A biometric reader can be added to the card for 4-factor authentication with a simple tap.
Getting into the Flow of Things

How it Works

TOZ Flow offers a secure workflow structure for customers, streamlining processes. It combines TOZ Flow's daily dashboard and administrative functions with TOZ Auth, and TOZ Tokens for hardware authentication tied to employees' identities. This comprehensive solution prioritizes maximum security while enhancing team collaboration.
An Identity for Everyone
Everyone in the Flow gets their own basic account with their own unique digital identity. The identity exists in their own unique realm, which is a digital identity home base for a person or a company. In Flow, an identity is tied to encryption, is the key for safely accessing information and resources.
Dashboard Cybersecurity
Manage identities for your people, create groups around how you work, design flow policies to control access and sharing, centralize app service SSO and password credentials, and deploy hardware security tokens throughout your realm.
Design Policies that Flow
Map out how you want things to work with policy flows. Policy flows are instructions that weave together people workflows into chains of requests, useful for granting access or approving a large purchase with multiple people involved, for example.
Encrypted Store, Share, & Access
Everyone on your team using Flow can now safely store, share, and access information and resources that should be secured. Everything is encrypted at inception, and can only be unencrypted by an identity that provides the key.

They can upload and share encrypted documents, collaborate around secure notes, and operate on a Flow plan of your design.
Collaborate in Secure Groups
Create groups with privileges and any members added are granted the same permissions. They can contain files, SSO logins, password credentials, secure notes, and more. Flexibly organize access for internal and external people into logical teams that make sense for your business.
Tap and Go with the Flow
Use our TOZ Auth app for iOS and Android along with TOZ Token and TOZ Flow to turn your cybersecurity up to factor 11! Tie your policy flows to controlling employee access to machines, resources, and locations. Create approval flows, hr flows, and much more, all on tap.
Use Cases
TOZ Flow makes it easy to design and deploy flows that make the most sense for your application. Click on the use cases below to see examples of uses, and you can move tiles from the library below to learn more about how it can benefit you.
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Use Case 4
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Use Case 7
Use Case 8
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