The Tozny Team


Founder and CEO

Before founding Tozny, Isaac developed cutting edge security, encryption and authentication solutions for defense agencies and other government entities. He's been a cybersecurity researcher at Galois for 10 years with a focus on identity management, authentication, authorization, and access control. Education: BS Computer Science, MS Cybersecurity. Email Isaac.

Leah Daniels

VP Sales and Business Development

Leah is responsible for developing new business through strategic partnerships and direct sales. She has extensive experience with go-to-market and licensing strategies, competitor and market analysis, increasing sales revenues and implementing infrastructure to improve sales leads. Education: MBA from Willamette University; BA in Psychology from Rhodes College.


Board Member

​Rob advises Tozny on business strategy and sales. He is also Galois' CEO. In this role, Rob drives strategy for Galois' growth, oversees business operations, and helps commercialize its technologies. Prior to Galois, Rob was a professor at Willamette University's Atkinson Graduate School of Management, where he ran the Willamette Angel Fund.


Business Development

Shpat's focus is on business development and strategy for both Tozny and Galois. Education: MBA from Willamette University.


Senior Engineer

Brian's focus is on building innovative technology for startups and fortune 500 companies. He's been a technical co-founder for 4 startups and has collaborated with companies like Nike, Cadillac, and Visa. He builds software systems with strong technical foundations. BA in Economics and English from Willamette University.


Project Manager


Senior Engineer

Greg is a software engineer who feels just as comfortable toggling bits in a microcontroller as he does creating next-generation mobile apps. He’s developed for both local and international R&D shops, and really just wants all our devices to communicate better together. Education: BS Embedded Systems, Portland State University.


DevOps Engineer

Ben's focuses include web application security, containerization, and scaleable systems. He is just as comfortable racking servers or deploying large clusters of cloud computing resources. Ben has maintained small groups of custom automation servers, all the way up to website services handling millions of requests per hour. Education: BS Computer Science, Portland State University.

Tozny's Core Values

Core Values: The Foundation

  • Your Privacy is Worth Protecting -- Amazing things are brought into existence when data is shared, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your privacy for them to occur. We are building the world where privacy and data sharing can coexist. Your data belongs in your control.
  • Prioritize Relationships -- At Tozny, relationships come first. Who we work with, who we work for, and those whose lives we improve.
  • Open by Default. Open by Choice. -- We choose transparency, open communication, shared knowledge, and collaboration as our standard practice. An open approach promotes authenticity, generates trust, and invites genuine participation. We are better because we are open.


  • Honesty and Integrity Define Us -- Protecting users’ data and digital identities demands a substantial degree of trust. We understand how honesty and integrity serve to earn that trust. We say what we mean, and we do what we say.
  • Our Solutions Meet Real Needs -- Our efforts are directed by the needs of those we serve. We are attentive to needs around new technologies, shifting standards, and user experience expectations. We create solutions that we ourselves would use.
  • Knowledge is Meant to be Shared --“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” -- Isaac Newton
    Our cumulative experience is a result of others sharing with us. As we enthusiastically take on new challenges, what we discover, we share.

Team: How we Work

  • We Explore and Experiment -- Innovation is born of curiosity. Our freedom to explore new approaches allows us to recognize the difference between best practices from unchallenged routine. We believe the risks of experimentation are worth the energy we invest. Gaining the knowledge of what fails is itself a success.
  • We Listen, Respond, Iterate -- Our focus is developing the right solution. We release early and often to both serve our users and generate invaluable insights. We respond to feedback at all stages and are always willing to evolve our products.
  • We Celebrate Successes -- Our products are the culmination of thoughtful contributions from talented inventors. Taking the time to celebrate our achievements promotes pride in our work and adds joy to the process. We support each other with meaningful acts of recognition.

Contact Us

519 SW 3rd Ave, Suite 800
Portland, OR 97204
Phone: 844-628-2872