Tozny Introduces Free Secret Sharing App

Try it for Free! Securely Share Your Information Working from home for extended periods of time has its challenges - one of those is finding a way to share sensitive information securely and confidently. The ... Read More

Tozny Introduces Encrypted Identity Tool TozID

TechCrunch Ron Miller, Feb. 13, 2020 Tozny introduces TozID, an identity tool that can work independently or in conjunction with the company‚Äôs other encryption tools. TozID supports customer and workforce identity management for secure, fine-grain … Read More

Tozny Introduces Encrypted Identity Tool

Yahoo! News Feb. 13, 2020 “Basically we have a Security as a Service platform, and it’s designed to help developers and IT departments add defense in depth by [combining] centralized user management with an end-to-end … Read More

Identity and Access Management Solution

Globe Newswire, Feb. 13, 2020 We have “an ethical imperative to protect the identities and data of users as well as a core differentiator for businesses that care about trust and protecting against the expensive … Read More