Here at Tozny, we have a passion for educating the technical community about encryption, privacy, and cybersecurity. In these series of guides, you will find in-depth information about some of the most important topics and decisions facing your company and your users. For a personalized and in-depth review of your specific needs, schedule a consultation with our cryptography experts.

Encryption For Developers

If you write software for a living and you need to add encryption capabilities to your server, application, or website, you’ve come to the right place. This series of articles will guide you through the most critical decisions you will need to make. Avoid the most common pitfalls and follow the narrow path to success!

End-to-end Encryption

End-to-end is the strongest level of encryption. Secure your email, messages, files and secrets. These end-user appropriate tools will take you to the next level for personal and corporate security.

How to get Encryption Right

Various articles about improving encryption in the application, for authentication, and for HTTPS.


Encryption isn’t just about security. The use of encryption for protection of user privacy is increasingly common.

Encryption Tools for DevOps

A few highlights for the best tools in DevOps for managing secure data and secrets.

Encrypt Everything

Encrypt is hard to use, for both end users and more technical folks. This guide will walk you through encryption of data in transit and at rest in for your personal and corporate assets.

Security for Small Business

Small businesses are often the target of advanced cyber attacks. Why? Because your customer, your cash in the bank, and your intellectual property make the return on investment worthwhile. From regulatory compliance to application integrity and cryptography, these are the modern approaches to cybersecurity.

Identity Management with SimpleSAMLphp

SimpleSAMLphp is a very widely deployed tool for identity management, single sign-on, and social login. Configuring it is an art, though. Read on for more information.

Tozny’s Encryption Toolkit: TozStore

TozStore provides application-level encryption, which secures your data for its entire life-cycle. Data gets encrypted where it is generated (written) and decrypted where it is consumed (read), providing end-to-end encryption. The following articles provide an overview of TozStore and its capabilities.