InnoVault Customer Profile – Brian

Over the next several weeks, we want to introduce you to some of the key customers of our new product, 

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Brian is a mobile developer who recently moved from freelance to work with a startup. He’s keen on working with open source projects and technologies and wants to use the best tools available to ship new products quickly. He spends a majority of his day writing code, and he holds to rapid release cycles.

Pain Point

Brian’s latest project collects various information from users when they first sign up for the mobile application. It’s not really personal information but could be considered private data to some. All of the data is summarized as a PDF and sent by email to users along with their bill each month but is otherwise kept private.

Recently, one of Brian’s clients has asked to store social security numbers along with the rest of their own customer’s data. While this is possible, it makes Brian uncomfortable. He needs a quick, secure solution to make this new request happen quickly.

Brian wants to keep his customers’ data secure, but still accessible for when he needs to produce PDF reports down the road. He also doesn’t want to spend a lot of time building out the storage. His forte is building mobile apps quickly; Brian understands security, but building a secure data store is not on the roadmap for product development.

InnoVault Feature Offering

InnoVault empowers developers to customize forms such that protected information is encrypted and stored independently of the non-private information submitted to the server. Every private field is encrypted with a unique key and can never be decrypted except by the person who set up the form in the first place.

The private data lives encrypted in a remote database, protected by keys only known to the manager of the InnoVault client where the data is stored. The only data submitted with your form is a reference to the record stored in InnoVault itself. If your database is ever breached, no data is leaked to the public. Similarly, the data housed within InnoVault can never be extracted without your keys. Thanks to InnoVault, your data is completely safe and secure.

A Better World

Brian has a lot of demands on his time and can’t spend much of it building protected storage for customer’s private information. Adding InnoVault to his existing form takes a matter of seconds. All Brian has to do is identify the fields that require protection and add a script tag – the data is encrypted client-side_ and only hits the server after it’s been protected.

When it’s time to generate the customer PDF at the end of the month, Brian uses InnoVault’s Java SDK to fetch the rest of the client’s data and merge it together into a single document. Ultimately, his database only contains the older, non-private information and an InnoVault record ID used to retrieve data when required.

Brian wanted to ship an update by the deadline without spending his time on a product feature not core to the release. Thanks to InnoVault, he was able to do just that, while still integrating with his existing Java stack.

How can InnoVault Help You?

InnoVault is a developer toolkit for easily adding encryption capabilities to your website.  Learn more about how you can use InnoVault or send us suggestions for data security capabilities you’d love to see.