Tozny at CIS and DAC

Tozny’s CEO, Isaac Potoczny-Jones, will be presenting at Cloud Identity Summit (CIS) in Chicago on June 19, 2017.  Come learn about E3DB, a security toolkit to build privacy-preserving products from the ground-up.

Talk Abstract: On the modern Internet, securely collecting personal data is extremely challenging. Software developers and enterprises are losing the arms race against malicious attackers every day. The Internet of Things (IoT) adds new challenges, including hardware limitations, lack of upgrade paths, and control of physical systems. In this talk, Isaac will outline Tozny’s work with NIST on E3DB, a security toolkit to build privacy-preserving products from the ground-up.

The Design Automation Conference is in Austin – Isaac will be participating in a panel discussion on June 20, 2017 on hardware security technologies.

Panel Summary: Hardware security schemes are often treated as an afterthought: an extension of the system but not an inherent design metric for the whole system. This limits their adoption and benefit to real-world architectures. Emerging applications, for instance in IoT area, increasingly involve large numbers of connected and heterogeneous device swarms and pose crucial challenges on the underlying security architectures. In the recent years we have seen hardware security solutions from Trusted Platform Modules (TPM), ARM’s TrustZone, to Intel’s SGX, to name some have been rolled out. However, these solutions are rarely used by user applications, require strong trust assumptions in manufacturers, are too expensive for small constrained devices, and not scalable. This panel will discuss the real-world impact of currently available security hardware, the related shortcomings as well as new research and development directions in hardware-assisted security and privacy solutions.

Are you heading to CIS or DAC? Contact Isaac to meet up! @SyntaxPolice

Top image credit: User BitchBuzz, Creative Commons