Atlanta Streetcar has Tozny Built-In


We are excited to announce that the Atlanta Streetcar app was launched this morning with Tozny technology built in!  For the past year, moovel and Tozny worked together as part of a NIST Trusted Identities Group pilot to bring better digital identities technology to transit agencies.  Our technology allows for password-free secure authentication to mobile apps and web applications.  We have integrated the technology with moovel’s mobile app code, which is used by transit agencies in a number of cities.  Atlanta Streetcar will be the first to offer the Tozny solution to their riders and other agencies will follow in the months to come.  

For Atlanta Streetcar, users may never need a password.  Tozny’s authentication technology allows a user’s mobile device to replace their password.  A private key is generated on the user’s device, so the user can login without having to create and remember a password.  Currently, Atlanta Streetcar users login using custom emails sent directly to them.  In the future, this can extend to push notifications that authenticate the user.

Our partnership with moovel continues to grow and the next innovation will take advantage of the new E3DB technology we announced recently.  It will help to manage the private data generated by moovel.  We will provide updates as that project comes to fruition.