Secure HTTPS Headers for JavaScript with Lambda@Edge

Delivering JavaScript securely is super important when you do crypto in the browser. Since the web version of our InnoVault product does browser-based key generation and encryption, it relies on secure JavaScript code delivery. With the help of the good folks at Amazon, Tozny has been running a pilot with Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) new Lambda@Edge capability to add secure …

InnoVault Customer Profile – Jack

Over the next several weeks, we want to introduce you to some of the key customers of our new product,¬† Jack is a senior backend engineer with a large enterprise software firm. He has a lot of experience working with secure systems and takes the time to guarantee data privacy is considered throughout the various steps of his long release …

Tozny Launches InnoVault – Encryption Toolkit For Developers

We are proud to announce the release of our latest product, InnoVault¬†– a toolkit that enables developers building websites, apps, and other software to easily embed end-to-end encryption for data security and privacy. 2016 saw a 40% increase in data breaches over 2015, and the team here at Tozny decided we wanted to do something about it. InnoVault is our …

Crypto Tools for DevOps

This past month, we’ve covered four different crypto tools for devops, how developers can use them, and potential drawbacks intrinsic to each approach.

Crypto Tools for DevOps: HashiCorp Vault

HashiCorp Vault is a tool for managing much more than simple secrets. Vault also supports revoking keys, regenerating credentials, auditing access, and “leasing” credentials for a limited period of time.

Crypto Tools for DevOps: git-crypt

The key advantage of using git-crypt is that your protected data stays alongside the code that uses it. You don’t need to configure or manage additional infrastructure.