Tozny Launches TozID!

The Identity and Access Management Solution with End-to-End Encryption for Application Data

TozID Delivers Powerful Identity Defense-in-Depth for Workforces and Customers that Centralizes Single Sign-on and Decentralizes Risk in an Encryption-as-a-Service Platform

PORTLAND, OR—February 13, 2020Tozny, the identity management and data privacy company built from the ground up with end-to-end encryption, has announced the launch of TozID, a secure identity management and Zero Knowledge Authentication solution built on open source verifiable cryptography. TozID is delivered as a Security-as-a-Service platform and via SDKs so that any business, regardless of encryption or security expertise, is able to quickly protect workforce and customer identities, personally identifiable information (PII), and systems access for defense-in-depth of Web, mobile, IoT, and embedded applications.

Encrypted Identity Management

A data breach can cost an organization priceless customer trust and millions of dollars in revenue, but is preventable with well implemented application-layer encryption. However, cryptography libraries are complex, developers lack the expertise necessary to integrate encryption correctly, and building strong encryption in-house is often cost or resource prohibitive, resulting in avoidable security failures. Built with technology developed for NIST and DARPA-funded projects, and leading security research firm Galois, TozID delivers the most secure and sophisticated identity and access management solution available to the commercial market.

“It’s an ethical imperative to protect the identities and data of users as well as a core differentiator for businesses that care about trust and protecting against the expensive and devastating effects of data leaks and breaches,” says Isaac Potoczny-Jones, Founder and CEO of Tozny, “We want to make the world’s most secure and trusted encryption technology available and accessible to every organization and the people that rely on them.”

TozID centralizes identity and single sign-on without centralizing risk because it is built using Zero Knowledge Authentication, meaning Tozny never sends passwords over the network and does not handle key material or unencrypted application data. Customers are also able to easily integrate TozStore, Tozny’s encrypted storage solution for securing sensitive information directly at the browser or device level and in embedded solutions.

Additional features and benefits of TozID include:

  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) with TOTP and Push Verification to support Google Authentication or Authy, and push-based login for seamless authentication
  • OpenID Connect (OIDC) and SAML integrations to easily protect G-Suite, Slack, Atlassian, Salesforce and more, or integrate your own applications
  • Role and Group-based Access Control for managing large teams of users easily
  • Detailed event logging and authentication tracking for all users, including customizable logging administration
  • Available as a Security-as-a-Service platform and via SDKs
  • FISMA compliant with optional deployment to AWS FedRAMP cloud for government users
  • Exceeds compliance requirements for regulations such as GDPR and CCPA

An early adopter of Tozny is Charles River Analytics (CRA), who uses TozID and TozStore to secure sensitive health information for human subject research. One of the key challenges was to manage a large-scale dataset, collected from a large cohort of subjects, and distribute that data selectively to research partners: “Tozny’s technology was easy to integrate and gives us a lot of peace of mind,” said Bethany Bracken, Principal Scientist at CRA. “Their approach to zero-knowledge data management, and the ability to control, parse and manage complex data sets with varying confidentiality requirements, could revolutionize this industry,” says Bracken. “Tozny checked a lot of compliance boxes for us in one fell swoop.”

To learn more about TozID read the blog post. Get started with TozID to add encrypted identity and access management to your applications here.

About Tozny:
Tozny delivers Identity Management and Data Privacy solutions as a service and via SDKs to easily protect businesses, workforces, and individuals against data breaches and security threats. Built with technology developed for NIST and DARPA-funded projects, Tozny brings the world’s most secure encryption solutions to all businesses that require secure, compliant applications that people can trust. Tozny was founded by leading cryptography experts from security research firm Galois in 2013 and is based in Portland, OR. Visit to learn more.