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InnoVault Customer Profile – Jack

Over the next several weeks, we want to introduce you to some of the key customers of our new product, 

InnoVault Encryption Logo

Jack is a senior backend engineer with a large enterprise software firm. He has a lot of experience working with secure systems and takes the time to guarantee data privacy is considered throughout the various steps of his long release cycle. He’s a frequent reader of various forums, …

Atlanta Streetcar has Tozny Built-In


We are excited to announce that the Atlanta Streetcar app was launched this morning with Tozny technology built in!  For the past year, moovel and Tozny worked together as part of a NIST Trusted Identities Group pilot to bring better digital identities technology to transit agencies.  Our technology allows for password-free secure authentication to mobile apps and web applications.  We have integrated the technology with moovel’s mobile app code, …

Galois Tech Talk: E3DB – Tozny’s End-to-End Encrypted Database

  • Date Wednesday, December 07, 2016  Time 11:00 AM
  • Speaker Isaac Potoczny-Jones
  • Location Galois Inc, 421 SW 6th Ave. Suite 300, Portland, OR, USA, (3rd floor of the Commonwealth building)
  • Galois is pleased to host the following tech talk.
    These talks are open to the interested public–please join us!
    (There is no need to pre-register for the talk.)

Project E3DB is a tool for programmers who want to build an end-to-end encrypted database with sharing into their projects. …

Announcing Project E3DB: The End-to-End Encrypted Database

e3db logo

Welcome to E3DB! [Update: E3DB is out of preview and into production! We are looking for early adopter developers to try Project E3DB and give us feedback.

Today, Project E3DB is a tool for programmers who want to build an end-to-end encrypted database with sharing into their projects. We are providing a command-line client for you to play with and a Java SDK to prototype with. …

SMS Login and Mobile SDK – Videos of New Features

We have exciting news: Tozny’s password free authentication solution can now be seamlessly embedded into your own branded app, allowing your users to log in with either push notifications or SMS! We will soon launch a new Software Development Kit (SDK) that makes it easy to completely drop passwords from your user experience, onboard your users faster, and log them in more securely. The series of videos below illustrates the use cases that are now available to Tozny clients embedding the authenticator in their own apps.  …