RSA Underscores the Importance of Privacy

At Tozny, privacy is an important topic we are always thinking about. As we have visited with others at RSA we think there are some important things we have been sharing and thought we would post them here.

If you are also at RSA, come visit us at Moscone West | 2018.

Privacy Preserving Database

At RSA this week, we are demoing our new technology called E3DB as a tool for dealing with sensitive data.  Issues of privacy are becoming more prevalent and more significant; E3DB was built to help developers address privacy needs within the systems they are building.

E3DB is a tool for programmers who want to build an end-to-end encrypted database with sharing into their projects. We are providing a command-line client for you to play with and a Java SDK to prototype with.  With it you can encrypt data on the client side, store JSON data blobs with a REST API, then add trusted readers for the data. Internally, the system handles all the key management to allow trusted readers to decrypt the data on their side.

e3db privacy data flow

The data flow within e3db ensures data privacy by encrypting and decrypting client-side. The server only ever stores encrypted data and manages encrypted keys.

Encryption Everything

Tozny engineer, Eric Mann, recently wrote a series of easy walk-thrus on encryption for your personal devices and communication.  Check out his tutorials on everything from encryption for your mobile device to the use of a VPN for secure, private Internet browsing.

Privacy Failures are Real

The end of last year, we pulled together 10 Unnerving Privacy Fails Thru Data Aggregation. We’ve found many people are still surprised at the privacy intrusions that happen without a data breach ever occurring.

Privacy for Your Passion

Everyone has causes they care about, and we should all feel that we our privacy protected as we engage with those causes.  Tozny engineer, Greg Stromire, offered a workshop on data privacy basics for those engaged in cause-related work.