SMS Login and Mobile SDK – Videos of New Features

We have exciting news: Tozny’s password free authentication solution can now be seamlessly embedded into your own branded app, allowing your users to log in with either push notifications or SMS! We will soon launch a new Software Development Kit (SDK) that makes it easy to completely drop passwords from your user experience, onboard your users faster, and log them in more securely. The series of videos below illustrates the use cases that are now available to Tozny clients embedding the authenticator in their own apps. Contact us to request access to the beta — we are happy to help you through the process of integrating Tozny in your own app; we’re even up for meeting via video to demonstrate the new features or assist with getting your integration up and running.

Customer Onboarding and Login with SMS

Tozny’s mobile SDK now includes phone verification and authentication with SMS. This lets you onboard your users quickly and easily within your app:

SMS-Based Login for Separate Devices

Tozny allows users to login to a your website using SMS on their mobile device:

Push-Based Login Within Your App

Once your user has verified their phone within your app, our SDK creates cryptographic keys so that future logins can proceed with the push of a button:

Push-Based Login for Separate Devices

Tozny lets your users log into a different device or web browser using your app to approve login:

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Tozny lets you completely drop passwords from your user experience. But it can also be used to increase security with two factor authentication. Tozny can combine with passwords or other login methods to provide significantly increased security.

Watch our brief videos:

  • Step-up Authentication Video: This feature lets you increase security for sensitive user actions, even after they’re logged in. The user gets a notification with the details of the action and a request to approve it.
  • Push 2FA Video: Login with a password, then increase security with a push notifications for a second factor.
  • SMS 2FA Video:: Login with a password, then increase security with an SMS for a second factor.