Securely Collecting Biometric Data at the Edge

Privacy-Preserving Data Security and Identity Management to Support Machine Learning Use Cases The proliferation of wearable devices that are equipped with data sensors which monitor human activity and biometrics allows for cost effective data collection … Read More

Human Subject Research Data Privacy and Security

Tozny co-authors Human Factor and Ergonomics Society (HFES) Paper: Development of Human-Out-of-the-Loop Participant Recruitment, Data Collection, Data Handling, and Participant Management System As smartphones and wearable devices become ubiquitous, analysts in the field of human … Read More

Tozny Secures Data for Wearable Technology Health App

Tozny partners with Charles River Analytics and the National Cancer Institute to secure health data gathered with the privacy-preserving Wearable Health Informatics Platform for Extensible Research (WHISPER). WHISPER is an informatics tool for securely acquiring, … Read More