Embracing Encryption, Privacy, & Security

Last week Tozny introduced its newest product, TozID, a secure identity management solution with end-to-end encryption built in.

Isaac Potoczny-Jones, Tozny CEO, sat down with Swapnil Bhartiya of TFiR to discuss Tozny’s approach to ease the path for developers to integrate and deploy strong security in their applications, all things identity management, and how TozID fits into the growing market for security products.

TozID offers strong encryption, easy integration, and fully customizable UI for both customer and workforce identity management. Tozny’s identity management platform centralizes identity and single sign-on without centralizing risk. By using Zero Knowledge Authentication passwords are ever sent over the network, so your data is always yours to control.

TozID customers can also easily integrate TozStore, Tozny’s encrypted storage solution for securing sensitive information directly at the browser or device level and in embedded solutions.

Our product “allows a lot more application layer control over user privacy, and over application data than any other identity management platform can provide.

Start your free 30 day trial today, and see how Tozny’s identity management solution can help your organization meet its security goals.