Authentication SDK and API Documentation


Verify user mobile numbers in seconds from within your app.


Log into your web site or app on different devices password-free.

Elegant registration that’s easy to integrate

Your registration page is the front door. You worked hard to get users to download your app or visit your web site. You’ve designed a beautiful user experience that focuses on what makes your software great. Tozny registers and authenticates your users elegantly and securely so that they can get back to what matters.

Embed our SDK into your app to easily create the best onboarding experience possible.

Login with the push of a button

Passwords have long been considered a necessary evil, but we’re here to prove that security can be easy for developers and users alike. Tozny logs your users in with push notifications, SMS, or email links so that you never turn away a user because they forgot their password.

Receive Tozny login push notifications in your app and log users in with the push of a button.

Reduce security risks

Organizations are faced with a constant stream of threats related to user passwords. Weak or reused passwords, keyloggers, and password database spills give attackers access to your network and your users’ data. Once reserved for the highest levels of security, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the new norm. Tozny’s MFA works seamlessly via push notifications and ubiquitously via QR codes. It’s so easy to use it looks like magic, but it’s backed by strong cryptography and defense in depth.

With Tozny’s soft-token based SaaS approach, our platform is quick to deploy and easily scales to all users with smart phones, addressing a wide spectrum of security risks.

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